Hey! Where did Mike Ziemski M.Ed.’s Site Go?

It’s moved!!  This is now the nexus of all the sites I administer.  If you’ve bookmarked or subscribed to this site for my Next Practice Insights as part of my service to schools through FACTS, you can now find all those at www.mikeziemski.com.  You can subscribe to it too!   The www.mikez.me URL will still connect to www.mikeziemski.com.

My resource site at www.SchoolAdvancement.com has a new look to it, and material is constantly being migrated from the original site.  It takes a while to move over 4,000 pages.  A new sub-blog of articles called “Enrollment Essentials” now has a monthly article posted that focuses on enrollment, and my Systems Thinking for Education blog, “Tetrahedronics,” also resides there since the original one was hacked.  Blogger is no longer used since everything resides on the WordPress platform.

ParishAdvancement.com has a new look, too, but my personal blog, “Supwiddat” at www.supwiddat.com may not be back.  Some folks have asked me, “What’s Supwiddat?” at which point I start singing the tune from the Saturday Night Live skit.  If you’ve ever seen it, you’re probably laughing right now.  What’s not funny is that in April 0f 2013, the company that I work for’s main competitor scanned all of my sites, even dormant ones that I used in prior occupations, and published a defamatory video about me on YouTube.  It was taken down in sometime in the Fall of 2013, but it left a lasting impression on representatives of companies in the education service space.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find something that piques your interest here.

By Mike Ziemski, M.Ed.